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The Guardian: This is the reason why Facebook was down for 6 hours


 The Guardian: This is the reason why Facebook was down for 6 hours


 A report by the British newspaper, The Guardian, revealed the reason behind the outage of Facebook and its platforms for more than 6 hours, as “Alex Hearn”, a reporter for Guardian Tech, revealed that the crisis can be summarized as “an initial problem made more complicated by the fact that “Facebook” Facebook manages everything through Facebook.

 Hearn said in a series of tweets via his official account on Twitter: “A group of friends sent me a text message asking for an explanation of what happened to stop Facebook completely, so I will explain it, the beginning was when Facebook sent (by mistake, Assume) an update to a deep-level routing protocol on the Internet, and this caused problems.

 Usually, Hearn added, it would be very easy to fix this, you just send another update that fixes the problem, but it's not like that, as things will keep getting worse, as it takes a while for the message to spread all over the Internet.

 But Facebook runs everything through Facebook, so when it botd its servers from the Internet, the ability to send this follow-up message was also turned off, turning off the ability to use smart cards to unlock the doors to the building that contained the servers that controlled the system that sends Follow-up message, and stop the messaging service you use to contact the Head of Physical Security to tell them they need to transfer it to the data center with a physical key to bypass the smart card door lock on the front door.

 Perhaps the problem of “smart cards for door locks” is not a matter of wit, but it was among the reasons that led to the delay in reform, according to the report.

 Shera Frankel, of the New York Times, said: "I was on the phone with someone who works for Facebook who confirmed that employees were unable to enter the buildings this morning to begin assessing the extent of the outage because their badges weren't working to get to the doors."

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